Topcon GPT3003LW 3″ Reflectorless Total Station


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Product Description

Topcon GPT-3000LW Series Features:

  • 1200 Meter Reflectorless range – New long range reflectorless mode leaves competitors far behind. Measure 300m to ANY surface!
  • Precise measurements – The ability of the 3000LW to measure long range is significant, but real advantage of this technology is what this increased measurement power means at shorter distances. The Topcon GPT-3000LW outperforms all other reflectorless total stations when measuring to difficult targets such as hanging wires or dark asphalt.
  • Dual Laser optics –  dual laser optics system uses one narrow beam for non-prism functions, and a broader beam when using a prism for more stable long-range measurement.
  • Visible laser pointer –  state-of-the-art visible diode technology puts a bright, flashing spot of light exactly at the point to be measured. Class 1 laser is so safe, you can use it in heavy traffic areas.
  •  Topcon’s GPT-3000LW uses the industries most advanced, highly focused infrared beam for a very stable, sharp spot that is less resistant to “spreading” over distance. Topcon’s GPT-3000LW uses a dual laser optics system, one narrow beam for non-prism functions, and a broader beam when using a prism. This stabilizes the beam over long distances providing accurate measurement, even in adverse atmospheric conditions such as heat shimmer.


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