Leica Wild N3 Precision Level, Imperial Micrometer


This is a beautiful example of the legendary Wild/Leica N3 precision level with standard deviation for 1 mile / 1 km double run leveling: ±0.0008 feet / ±0.2mm. This model includes the imperial micrometer option. This is a hard-to-find item in good condition. Own a piece of history that still outperforms anything else on the market!

For the highest accuracy requirements in engineering and for the control of structures, the N3 is widely employed. The inherent qualities of a well designed spirit-level instrument produce a basic stability that an automatic level can’t match. When running lines of first-level orders in windy conditions, the N3 will give reliable results due to the tubular level and the stability of the instrument. The N3 is relatively unaffected by vibrations. Strong permanent magnetic fields have no influence at all.

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Product Description


Standard deviation for 1 mile / 1 km double run leveling: ±0.0008 feet / ±0.2mm

Telescope with panfocal optics: Erect Image

Clear objective aperture: 52mm

Shortest focusing distance: 0.45m

Tubular level, sensitivity per 2mm: 10″

Setting accuracy (split bubble): 0.25″

Circular level sensitivity per 2mm: 2′

Tilting screw with graduation: 8 revolutions

Range=8revs=400 intervals: 4mm / 1m

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The package includes the following components:

  • Leica/Wild N3 Precision Level (Imperial Micrometer)
  • 1- K&E Wyteface Optical Scale 3″ with Leather Pouch
  • 1- K&E Wyteface Optical Scale 10″
  • Hex Wrench Set
  • Leica Carrying Case