Leica TS15 A 3″ R1000 Robotic Total Station Reconditioned


This Leica TS15 A 3″ R1000 Robotic Total Station has been fully reconditioned. It is in excellent condition. It has been disassembled by a service technician, drive gears cleaned & lubed, any worn parts replaced, everything brought back to original factory specs. Certificate of calibration will be provided upon request. Comes with Viva SmartWorx, Reference Line, Reference Plane & Grid, DTM Stakeout and Traverse.

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Product Description

Optimize your productivity with exact photo documentation of site conditions. With live streaming of the total station view, you always know what the total station sees. Measure all points
without returning to the total station.

Image Notes:  Capture an image, screenshot or template, sketch on it and link it to any object in the database.
Image Assisted Surveying:  Simply tap on the display and the total station will turn and measure the desired target.

Viva TS15 uses years of experience to optimally combine the world’s best total station sensors: angles, distances, drives and the patented PowerSearch target recognition camera.

Search:  The unique PowerSearch finds your prism within seconds.
Lock:  Viva TS15 stays locked onto your prism in the most demanding environments.
Measure:  PinPoint EDM seamlessly harmonizes with precise angle sensors to complete the measurement process.


Backed by a 45 day warranty and free shipping to the lower 48.

This kit includes:

  • Leica TS15 A 3″ R1000 Robotic Total Station Reconditioned. Calibration Certificate Provided Upon Request.
  • Leica GEB221 Battery
  • Charger
  • Leica Hard Case


We are especially proud of our exclusive “Certified Pre-Owned” rated instruments. All units bearing this label have been completely disassembled, cleaned, reconditioned, and re-calibrated. They meet or exceed the standards under which they were originally manufactured, which means that they work like a new instrument.

Our customers know the quality level of our “Certified Pre-Owned” equipment is far and above that of other used survey instruments on the market today. Most used equipment dealers simply clean and calibrate their units, but worn internal parts are neither checked nor replaced.

Our service professionals are the best in the business. And because all Certified Pre-Owned instruments come with a 45 day guarantee, this translates into confidence and peace of mind for our customers.