Leica TCR1101 1″ Reflectorless Total Station w/ Extended Range EDM, Reconditioned


Leica TCR1101 1″ Reflectorless Total Station w/ Extended Range EDM in very good condition. Instrument has been fully reconditioned. It’s been disassembled by a service technician, drive gears cleaned & lubed, any worn parts replaced, everything brought back to original factory specs. Certificate of calibration will be provided upon request. 

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Product Description

Sophisticated functions for demanding users:
The TPS1100 Professional Series was designed to provide practical solutions to make surveying processes simple, efficient and productive. The TPS1100 Professional
series includes a wide variety of practical, automated functions to achieve the highest degree of efficiency within the shortest period. One of the many examples is the ATR, the Automatic Target Recognition. With ATR, the instrument fine to points targets by itself. Manual targeting is no longer required. Surveys are made faster and easier, leaving more time to carefully record all significant data.

Flexible in everyday applications:
TPS1100 Professional Series high-end surveying instruments offer a high degree of flexibility. The easy-to-read, simple user interface and professional programming environment invite you to configure the instrument to meet your individual requirement and personal preferences. The modular system assures a large variety of available models and options to meet the varying demands and requirements.

Software for efficient data acquisition:
Information technologies and surveying are growing closer together. This is evident in the range of software available for the TPS1100 Professional Series. The software programs are tailored to acquire and process data with the instrument and then to transfer the data from the instrument to a computer.

Automatic Target Recognition:

This is how it works: After roughly pointing to the reflector and triggering a measurement, the instrument moves the telescope automatically to the center of the reflector and then makes the measurement. Efficient and relaxed ATR attains a high degree of efficiency with the increase in measuring speed. Fine pointing and focusing is no longer required which makes for relaxed working procedures. ATR assures constant precision – under any condition and independent of the surveyor. Ideal for Stake out, topography, free stationing, traversing, sets of angles, and monitoring.

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This kit includes:

  • Leica TCR1101 1″ Reflectorless Total Station w/ Extended Range EDM, Reconditioned. Calibration Certificate Available upon Request
  • 64MB CF Card
  • Battery
  • Battery charger
  • Tribrach
  • Hard case