Leica TCR 405 Power 5” Reflectorless Total Station


Measuring with the TPS400 series of total stations could not be easier! With a laser plummet and electronic level the instrument is quickly set up and ready to measure. The proven endless fine drive and the accurate Leica telescope with 30-times magnification precisely targets each measuring point. The integrated electronic distance meter measures to target plates,prisms or even reflectorless to any given surface. These features save time and money.

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Product Description

With “Direct.dxf” functionality, data can be read directly from the instrument in dxf-format and read into AutoCAD® on a PC without any intermediate steps. Coordinates, codes and point numbers can be stored in different layers.

Laser plummet:
Easy to center over a set up point thanks to the laser plummet. The intensity of the laser point can be adjusted step-by-step to maintain visibility even in critical lighting conditions. The time consuming task of centering with the optical level is now redundant.

Dual axis compensator:
A fully automatic dual axis compensator performs fine leveling and guarantees perfect horizontal alignment. For applications from mobile platforms the compensator may bedeactivated.

Individual Data exchange:
Data exchange has been implemented in such a flexible way that just about any format can be created. This allows data to be transferred to any software directly from the compatible for transfer to other survey instruments and GPS. The required programs are delivered with the instrument. Information can be exchanged between the instrument and a computer by standard RS232 cable, USB connection or Bluetooth® Wireless-Technology. Data can be configured to enable communication with most data collectors

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This kit includes:

  • Leica TCR 405 Power 5” Reflectorless Total Station
  • 1 Battery
  • Charger
  • Leica Tribrach
  • Hard case