Leica GRX1200GG PRO GNSS Reference Station


Leica GRX1200GG PRO GNSS Reference Station in great working condition.  Here is an opportunity to set up your own reference station for a budget price.


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Product Description

GRX1200 and GRX1200Pro, part of LEICA’s new System 1200 series, are designed specifically for use at reference stations. With these new receivers, GPS reference stations become more accurate, more powerful, more versatile and more reliable than ever before, yet they are easier to set up and operate.

Exceptionally rugged and reliable GRX1200 and GRX1200Pro have a strong magnesium housing and are designed to MIL specifications to withstand the roughest use and the most
severe environments. These low power receivers operate throughout a wide temperature range, are fully waterproof, rain, sand and dustproof.
GRX1200 and GRX1200Pro will operate 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and continue to supply top quality data. They are built to be tough, to be left unattended in remote, hostile environments.

Radio, phone, GSM, wireless, internet etc. Reliable communication is critical for GPS reference stations and networks. Depending onthe requirements and the available infrastructure, communication between the receivers and the server running GPS. The GRX1200 and GRX1200Pro facilitate optimum communication solutions and adapt easily to your needs.

Numerous output, connection & communication options:
SmartTrack World leading GPS technology GRX1200 and GRX1200Pro incorporate System 1200’s new 12 L1 + 12 L2 SmartTrack GPS measurement engine for the best performance:
• Acquires all visible satellites within seconds
• Excellent signal-to-noise ratios
• Clean, high accuracy code and phase measurements
• Reliable tracking to low elevations
• Suppresses multipath
• Resists jamming
• Totally reliable

Backed by a 30 day warranty, free shipping to the lower 48.

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This Kit Includes:

  • Leica GRX1200 GG PRO GNSS
  • Leica RX1210T
  • Leica ATX1202GG Antenna
  • Antenna Cable
  • Leica Hard Case