Leica ATX900 GNSS SmartAntenna


Leica ATX900 SmartAntenna in excellent working condition.  No battery included with this unit.


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Product Description

The Leica ATX900 GG is a 72-channel GNSS antenna with outstanding satellite tracking characteristics even to low satellites and in adverse conditions. Compatible with both the Leica RX900 and Leica RX900c the new ATX900 GG provides fast acquisition and low noise increasing the overall performance of GPS900 particularly in demanding situations.

The Leica GPS900 range offers a choice of controllers, like the Leica RX900 with internal memory and now the new Leica RX900c. The RX900c features a ¼ VGA color display with, according to Leica, outstanding clarity and a removable CF-card for easy data transfer. The Leica RX900c runs the GPS900 firmware and through the color screen, applications are further enriched making them even easier to use.

With its onboard software, Leica GPS900 can be used for several jobs including foundation and drainage work, alignment stakeout, topographic and as-built surveys. For the one-man-team, Leica GPS900 is easy to setup and use: the RTK reference and rover fit easily into a single rugged case.

UPN 505

Backed by a 30 day warranty.

This Kit Includes:

  • Leica ATX900 GNSS SmartAntenna

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