Geomax Zoom80 2″ A10 Robotic Total Station


Geomax Zoom80 2″ A10 Robotic Total Station in very good working condition. It has been disassembled by a service technician, drive gears cleaned & lubed, any worn parts replaced, everything brought back to original factory specs. Certificate of calibration will be provided upon request. Ask us about data collector options!


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Product Description

The Zoom80R one man robotic total station can find, track, and aim at reflectors fully automatically and reliably. The use of a passive reflector reduces not only the pole weight dramatically, but also provides independence from additional batteries.


    • The dual mode EDM in the Zoom80 instruments provides long range measurement to all targets:
    • 3500m in normal IR (infra red) mode to a single prism with 1mm + 1.5ppm accuracy
    • 1000m in “reflectorless” (visible red laser) mode with 2mm + 2ppm accuracy
    • Large high-contrast color graphic display is easy to read in fading light or bright sunshine
    • Totally flexible- configure and program the Zoom80 for the way you work
    • Bluetooth transfer of data
    • Endless drives for fast, comfortable operation
    • Touch screen gives instant access to all functions without using the keyboard
    • NavLight guidelights helps make Stake out easy
    • SCOUT360 Search- a fast rotating laser fan finds the prism quickly, (and in LOCK mode follows the reflector as it moves) then AIM360 fine points to the center of the prism.
    • Compact Flash cards- reliable storage and transfer of data

Backed by a 30 day warranty and free shipping to the lower 48.

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