GeoMax Zone20 H Laser Rotator



Economic and firm entry-level laser rotator. With a solid-built housing and a straightforward interface, this laser offers all functions needed for regular and flexible use.

Receiver Options

This Laser Rotator comes standard with the ZRB35 Basic Receiver.

+ $142.00
+ $212.00

Additional Options

Select additional items to make your laser rotator fully functional.

+ $50.00

Needed to mount the ZRB35 to the leveling rod

+ $60.00

Needed to mount the ZRP105 and ZRD105 to the leveling rod

+ $80.00

A basic tripod for mounting the laser rotator

+ $150.00

Stronger tripod for additional stability

+ $95.00

Units used by surveyors, engineers, and some construction personnel

+ $95.00

Units used by most builders and contractors

+ $165.00

Graduated in units used by surveyors, engineers, and many construction personnel

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Product Description

Self-leveling horizontal laser with manual slope in dual axis.

GeoMax cares for your work and wants your GeoMax laser tools to stay operational for as long as you work. To ensure this, products are supported by highly skilled service centers around the world offering the following services for the life time of your product:
· Repair and maintenance of lasers and accessories
· Re-calibration
· Cleaning and general servicing of all product parts
· Functional testing and product safety

The new GeoMax Zone Series laser rotators come with a cover-all warranty for 3 years, protecting the laser from all defects that could occur during regular use, thus keeping you fully operational at all times and limiting downtime to the minimum.

Free of charge services during the warranty period:

· Repair (parts and labor) or exchange of your laser
· Full functional and safety check
· Re-calibration after repair

The regular warranty period can be extended by 2 additional years for a fee.
The warranty does not cover damage caused by abuse or mishandling.


Zone20 H Horizontal Rotating Laser w/Manual Slope

Alkaline Battery Tray for Zone Lasers

ZRB35 Basic Receiver

Head protection:    Fully enclosed

Operating range:    (diameter) 900m / 3000 ft

Self-leveling accuracy:    ± 2.2 mm at 30 m (± 3/32” at 100 ft)

Self-levelling range:    ± 6°

Rotation speed:    600 rpm

Scanning modes:    10° – 35°

Laser diode type / class:   635 nm (visible) / class 1

Batteries type:   4 D-cell alkaline / Li-Ion

Battery life:    > 40 h

Operating temperature:    -10°C to 50°C

Storage temperature:    -30°C to 70°C

Protection:    IP67

Precision Geosystems offers the GeoMax product line because we believe there is no other hardware manufacturer currently offering the kind of price-to-performance ratio they do. Around here we are all about precision, reliability, and value, and GeoMax fits the bill perfectly. GeoMax is the rough-and-ready younger brother of Leica Geosystems with a pedigree tracing back to the Wild Instrument Company of Heerbrugg, Switzerland. Both Leica and GeoMax are an integral part of Hexagon AB, a world leader in measurement solutions. While Leica developed it’s distinction through technological innovation, GeoMax is making a name for itself by picking the most tried and true instruments off the product line and offering them at prices people can afford. The bottom line is that with GeoMax you get mid-range prices on high-end gear. What more could you ask for?

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