Carlson Civil Suite (Includes Civil, Survey, Hydrology, and GIS)


Carlson Civil Suite: The Ultimate Civil Package

Get Fair Price, Full CAD, and Free Support with Carlson Software’s Civil Suite, a powerful bundle made up of: Carlson Survey (see page 4), Carlson Civil, Carlson Hydrology, and Carlson GIS. These four civil-related modular programs, working together, provide the ultimate civil package that dramatically increases productivity while helping users create better designs. All Carlson office software modules come with perpetual and maintenance licensing with Carlson customers allowed to own the software and to upgrade when they choose. They come with IntelliCAD® builtin, plus run on top

of any AutoCAD®, Civil 3D®, or Map® from versions 2010 and up. Carlson has offered free support since the founding of the company. It’s what we’re based on – Carlson works for you!

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Product Description

Carlson Civil: The ‘Civil’ Choice

Carlson Civil provides the most robust automation and ease-of-use of any civil design solution available today, and it does dynamic updating without a single custom object. Get 3D intersection design, multi-baseline road networks, lot layout, storm and utility analysis and design, plus much, much more.

Get Powerful Automation

What might take days with other civil software takes just hours, or even minutes, with the powerful, intuitive Carlson Civil: Road NETwork. Build all roads, intersections and cul-de-sacs in 2D and 3D with a single click of the “PROCESS” button. Site NETwork. Elevate your estimating accuracy with this intuitive layer-based surface generator for easy cut/fill and material quantities calculations.
Lot NETwork. Quickly define an entire subdivision of lots based on an outer boundary, interior ROWs or Centerlines, and a simple set of user-defined “rules,” then pick “PROCESS” and the lots appear, defined and labeled. With Carlson’s fully dynamic design environment– its trademark “networking”– changes made to one aspect of design are reflected in all other related aspects. Plus, Carlson Civil users get true 2D, easy-touse 3D, plus the ability to view an aerial image draped onto a surface in both the Carlson 3D Viewer and Surface 3D Flyover.


Carlson Hydrology:
Complete Hydrologic & Hydraulic Solution –Comprehensive, yet easy-to-master, Carlson
Hydrology provides the automation to meet your hydrology needs and all in the CAD environment of polylines, text, and layers. Full 3D road and lot design feed directly into flow calculations and drainage design. Top attributes include:
■ Site Drainage—using either Rational or SCS Method
■ Runoff Analysis to determine watershed area, time of concentration & peak flow rates
■ Storm Drain System design & drafting
■ Pond, culvert, channels, and outlet design & sizing
■ Extensive libraries on rainfall, inlets, manholes, outlets

Carlson Hydrology provides a system-wide stormwater solution in 3D, offering enhanced
3D options plus a command to run multiple rain events at the same time. The software
also provides warnings for collisions, excessive pipe lengths, insufficient cover, lack of slope, excessive flow rates, and more.


Carlson GIS: Put Your Designs on the Map

With tools for data capture and linking, data labeling, import/export of SHP files, polygon topology creation and analysis, and more, Carlson GIS is a true GIS “Swiss Army Knife” for the surveyor or engineer. The routines for managing aerial images enables users to improve the quality of the geographic positioning of their designs. With Carlson GIS’ powerful GIS automation, users can input, edit, label, inspect, and report GIS data to entities via simple tools, in addition to obtaining topographic and planimetric features from county databases. Other attributes include ability to:
■ Import images and terrain from both Google Earth and Esri®
■ Perform preliminary engineering and hydrologic studies, and planning analysis
■ Drape images on 3D surfaces and view in 3D
■ Handle large image areas and adjust the resolution
■ Import GIS layers as linework with GIS data with Web Feature Service (WFS)
■ Use Web Map Service (WMS) to place images from Carlson Image Server or user-specified server


Carlson Survey –Surveyors’ #1 Software Choice
■ Get full tool kit – everything from network least squares to surface modeling
■ Work seamlessly between office and field
■ Establish company-wide design styles
■ Create GIS links & exchange Esri® data Choose your platform – Carlson Survey works on:
■ AutoCAD® versions 2010 to current
■ IntelliCAD® (built-in) Or choose Carlson Survey OEM with built-in engine Powered with Autodesk® Technology. Get the Power of Carlson Field-to-Finish Carlson Survey together with Carlson’s popular data collection software options, SurvCE, SurvPC, and Field, provide powerful, effective, and accurate “Field-to-Finish”:
■ Symbols, points and linework are drawn automatically in Carlson Survey
■ Drawings in SurvCE, SurvPC, and Field process perfectly and easily in Carlson Survey Twist to 3D view Search Published Control Contour in both Carlson Survey and SurvCE