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In 1921 the Wild Company in Heerbrugg, Switzerland, developed a line of optical theodolites that were the industry standard for many decades. In the 1970’s, Wild developed its line of electronic total stations and subsequently rebranded the company as Leica. For almost 40 years, Leica has proven itself to be one of the most innovative and respected manufacturers of high-quality survey field equipment.



Our “Certified Pre-Owned” Survey Equipment

We are especially proud of our exclusive “Certified Pre-Owned” rated instruments. All units bearing this label have been completelyLeica TCRP1203+ R1000 disassembled, cleaned, recalibrated, and reconditioned. They meet or exceed the standards under which they were originally manufactured, which means that they work like a new instrument.

Our customers know that the quality level of our “Certified Pre-Owned” equipment is far and above that which is available with most survey gear sold in the used instrument market today. Other equipment dealers typically clean and calibrate their units, but worn internal parts are neither checked nor replaced.

Our service professionals are the best in the business. And because all Certified Pre-Owned instruments come with a 45 day guarantee, this translates into confidence and peace of mind for our customers.



Our Experience in the IndustryLeica Robotic Total Station

While there are many places to purchase new and used land surveying and construction equipment in today’s market, one of the reasons why our customers prefer working with us is that we are experienced land surveyors. As of this writing, our associates bring over forty-five years of combined field and office experience in the surveying business.

When we suggest a product to our customers, chances are that we have personally used that equipment in the field. We have performed the measurements, collected the data, made the necessary calculations, and drafted the final deliverables. Quite simply, we knLeica Data Collectorow what we are talking about, and this distinguishes us from other equipment dealers whose only experience with the gear is on the showroom floor.

We have grown with the surveying industry from the early days of plumb bobs, steel tapes, and theodolites to the latest in robotics, GNSS network solutions, and 3D laser scanners. From boundary, topographic, and construction surveying to visual-effects 3D data capture on Hollywood film sets, our experience spans a diverse  range of projects. When it comes to helping customers find the right equipment solution at the right price nobody beats Precision Geosystems!





Leica GS15 GPS System

Leica GS15




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