Sokkia SRX3 3″ Reflectorless Robotic Total Station, Calibrated


Sokkia SRX3 3″ Reflectorless Robotic Total Station in good working condition.  The touchscreen is non-functional, but the instrument works fine despite this.


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Product Description

Sokkia SRX3- 3″ Robotic Total Station with Long-Range Bluetooth Communication

The unique SRX On-Demand Remote Control System revolutionizes the way you survey with total stations.

Intelligent target search and robust Auto-Tracking capability minimize downtime due to loss of target lock or an undesired sighting of reflective objects.

Unique prism systems can be optimally configured to obtain the highest work efficiency.

SRX is fast, dependable, and gives you unheralded surveying freedom.


  • Long-Range Bluetooth Link between total station and pole (300m – 980ft)- No more troublesome radios to configure.
  • RED-tech EX High Precision Reflectorless EDM- Pinpoint accuracy on measurements up to 500m (1,640ft)
  • Fully Functional Auto-Tracking
  • False Sighting Recovery- remote control system quickly returns it to prism if SRX gets caught sighting another reflective object
  • Guide Light for rough lateral positioning


Backed by 30 day warranty and free shipping to the lower 48.