Leica Viva GPS/GLONASS Network RTK Rover Kit, GS15/CS15, Your Choice of GSM or 430-470MHz Radio Modem – Certified Pre-Owned


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Product Description

Precision Geosystems, Inc., presents this complete Leica Viva GNSS RTK rover kit in excellent working condition. This is Leica’s current, top of the line GNSS receiver. The GS15 receiver has 120 channels, plenty to track GPS, GLONASS, and future satellite signals. Your choice of GS15 slot-in GSM 3.5G modem so you can connect to your local SmartNet or VRS RTK network, or 430-470MHz Pac Crest radio module to use in the traditional base and rover setup. This receiver can be configured for use as a base or rover.

GS15  Includes:


RTK Range Unlimited

Network RTK

RTK Reference Station

RTK Base


MDB Logging


CS15 Includes:

SmartWorx Viva Full

Reference Line

DTM Stakeout


Turn key system, fully tested and ready to go to work!


-Leica Viva CS15 Data Collector (Data collector is missing the shiny part on top of the “P” key, but it’s only a small cosmetic flaw)¬†

-Leica Viva GS15 120 Channel GNSS Receiver

-Leica CS15 Holder and Rod Clamp (brand new)

-3 x GEB211 Batteries

-Leica Pro Charger

-User Manuals

-Leica Hard Case

Backed by a 30 day warranty against defect and free shipping to the lower 48.

International buyers please contact me before purchasing to arrange shipping and payment. We are very familiar with the export process and can help to expedite the procedure. Wire transfer will be required for internationally shipped items.

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Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 12 × 16 in