Leica GX1230 System 1200 GPS Receiver


Leica GX1230 GPS Receiver, can be used as base or rover. Battery not included.

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Product Description

Whether you want to survey a parcel of land or a construction site, a facade or indoors to create as-built plans or carry out high-precision measurements of bridge and tunnel constructions – Leica Geosystems’ surveying instruments provide the right solution for all measuring tasks.
The System 1200 Series instruments and software are designed to meet the daily challenges of modern surveying. They all have outstanding, easy to read and user-friendly interfaces. Their straightforward menu structures, their clearly outlined scope of functions and high technology perfectly mate GPS and TPS applications in the field. Whether you use the advantages of both
technologies combined or each separately – due to the exceptional flexibility of Leica Geosystems instruments, reliable and productive surveying is assured.


Backed by a 30 day warranty and free shipping to the lower 48.


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