Leica Flexline TS06 3″ R30 Reflectorless Total Station


Leica Flexline TS06 3″ R30 Reflectorless Total Station in excellent working condition.


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Product Description

The Leica Flexline TS06 Total Station delivers measurements which are extremely precise from a selection of Electronic Distance Measurements (EDM) options. It comes with easy setup with a laser plummet and guided process at start-up. The ergonomic key layout and large display provides error-free data input and makes operation simple.

Features of the Leica Flexline TS06 Total Station include two built-in easy to use alpha numerical keyboards for fast entry of numbers, special characters and numbers. This not only increases speed and productivity but also minimizes errors.

The Flexline TS06 Communication Side Cover allows for connections to any data collector via a cable free Bluetooth connection. It is ideally used with Leica Viva CS10 or Leica CS15 using SmartWorks software. The USB functionality gives transfer flexibility of data files including GSI, ASCII, DXF, CSV and more. The Flexline TS06 also has a large internal memory and can store up to 100000 fixed points and 60000 measurements.

This Total Station uses Lithium-Ion batteries for long life, fast charging and an operation time of 30 hrs. The Flexline weighs 5.1kg including the battery and tribrach. Its container is light, tough and keeps the instrument with all the accessories dust and waterproof.

The Leica Flexline TS06 comes with Leica Geosystems mySecurity which locks the instrument and disables it so it can no longer be used should it be stolen.

UPN 587

This Certified Pre-Owned instrument comes with a 45 day warranty and free shipping to the lower 48. It has been completely refurbished, calibrated, and brought back to original instrument specifications.

This kit includes:

  • Leica Flexline TS06 3″ R30 Total Station
  • Included software: Survey, Stake Out, Station Set-up, Reference Line, Tie Distance, Area and Volume, Remote Height, Construction, Height Transfer, Hidden Point, Offset, Check Tie, Quick Coding, Cogo, Reference Plane, Road 2D, Reference Arc, Plane Offset.
  • Leica GEB221 Battery
  • Charger
  • Car Adapter
  • Leica Tribrach
  • Manual and Quick Guide
  • Hard case