Leica Complete 1200 GG GPS/GLONASS Base + Rover RTK Kit – Certified Pre-Owned


Very nice GLONASS capable kit!

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Product Description

Precision Geosystems, Inc., presents this complete GLONASS enabled Leica RTK GPS/GNSS System 1200 base and rover kit in excellent working condition. A Pacific Crest 35w PDL radio kit with all cables needed to get to work is included for RTK telemetry. SmartRover unit comes with a GFU-15 PDL 450-470MHz receiver radio to communicate with the base (ask about narrow band radio upgrades if needed). RX1250XC includes license for Reference Line and GLONASS full time. Turn key system, fully tested and ready to go to work!



-GX1230 GG GPS/GLONASS L1/L2 Receiver, GLONASS full time license

-AX1202GG GPS/GLONASS L1/L2 Antenna w/ Cable

-Leica Tribrach w/ Optical Plummet

-Antenna Carrier w/ Leica Quick Release Tip and 5/8″ Threaded Adapter

-Pacific Crest PDL Radio 35w, 450-470MHz w/ 1/4 Wave Antenna, Power/Data Cable. Please let me know if you would like to upgrade to an FCC compliant Pac Crest ADL radio for an additional $995.

-32MB Industrial CF Memory Card

-Power Cable

-GZS4-1 Height Hook

-New Pelican 1550 Hard Case


-RX1250XC Color Data Collector, GLONASS full time and Reference Line licenses. Latest firmware v9.02.

-ATX1230 GG GNSS Antenna w/ Bluetooth

-GHT56 GFU Cradle w/ Rod Clamp

-GFU15-2 PDL Radio, 450-470MHz w/ Antenna

-Leica Hard Case

-2 x Aftermarket Charger

-GEB221 Battery

-3 x GEB211 Battery

-256MB CF Memory Card

-USB CF Multi Card Reader (New)

Backed by a 30 day warranty against defect and free shipping to the lower 48.

*It is the responsibility of the buyer to comply with all local regulations regarding radio transmissions.*