Carlson BRx6 GNSS Base/Rover Package


The BRx6 is Carlson’s all-new multi-GNSS, multi-frequency, smart antenna
The BRx6 provides robust performance and high precision in a compact and rugged package. With multiple wireless communications ports and an open GNSS interface, the BRx6 can be used as a precise base station or as a lightweight and easyto-use rover.
World-Class AthenaTM RTK technology
The BRx6 receiver is powered by a state-of-the-art Athena RTK (Real Time Kinematic)
engine. With multiple connectivity options, the BRx6 allows for RTK corrections to be received over radio, cell modem, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or serial connection.

Integrated AtlasTM L-band Receiver

The BRx6 receiver also enables users to work with the subscription-based Atlas service, Hemisphere’s industry leading global correction service provided over L-band communication satellites and the internet. With this service, BRx6 users experience sub-decimeter positioning performance anywhere on earth, without the need to be near a GNSS or communication infrastructure.

Multi-Constellation Support – GPS, Glonass, Beidou, Galileo

The Carlson BRx6 GNSS Receiver is an affordable, versatile, and effective high precision GNSS receiver. Users will get better x,y accuracy in your field as the BRx6 is designed to work seamlessly with most data collectors.

The Carlson BRx6 GNSS receiver can be configured as a Base, Rover, or Network Rover. It is a fully integrated 270-channel GNSS receiver with UHF radio and GSM cell modem. Carlson’s exclusive LDL – live digital level – feature in SurvCE 4.0 uses the BRx6’s internal level sensors to provide electronic leveling for better x,y accuracy while working. In addition, the BRx6 holds fix under canopy better than most GPS systems currently on the market. Dual Bluetooth ports allow the data collector to be connected to a cell phone and dual Hot-Swap Batteries allows the user to work without stopping to recharge or replace battery packs. Designed for use by surveyors, contractors, builders, engineers, and many others, the Carlson BRx6 can be purchased as either a Rover package or as a Base/Rover. The Base/Rover package includes two BRx6 GNSS receivers, one hard-sided carrying case, four BRx6 batteries, one GPS tribach and one tribach adapter, and two Carlson GPS receiver poles

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The package includes the following components:

  • 2 Carlson BRx6 GPS Base/Rover Receiver (Can be used as either a base or a rover)
  • 1 Carrying Case + Measuring Tape
  • 2 External Power Cable with Alligator Clip
  • 4 BRx6 Battery
  • 1 GPS Tribrach (Optical Plummet)
  • 2 Battery Charger (Charger Tray, AC/DC Power Cord, Cigarette Cable)
  • 2 Carlson GPS Receiver Pole
  • 2 Power/Data Cable with Wall Plug
  • 1 Tribrach Adapter
  • 2 410-430 MHz Radio Whip Antenna
  • 1 1.405 inch/35.7mm Height Adaptor