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We can’t be prouder to announce that Precision Geosystems has become an authorized distribution partner for GeoMax Positioning products. We chose GeoMax because we believe there is no other hardware manufacturer currently offering the kind of price-to-performance ratio they do. Around here we are all about precision, reliability, and value, and GeoMax fits the bill perfectly. GeoMax is the rough-and-ready younger brother of Leica Geosystems with a pedigree tracing back to the Wild Instrument Company of Heerbrugg, Switzerland. Both Leica and GeoMax are an integral part of Hexagon AB, a world leader in measurement solutions. While Leica developed it’s distinction through technological innovation, GeoMax is making a name for itself by picking the most tried and true instruments off the product line and offering them at prices people can afford. The bottom line is that with GeoMax you get mid-range prices on high-end gear. What more could you ask for?

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GeoMax Distributor

We’re excited to announce that Precision Geosystems, Inc. is now an official Carlson distribution partner. In addition to our great deals on certified pre-owned surveying equipment we can now offer brand new robotics, GPS, data collectors, levels, and office software! Carlson is a company which has earned our utmost respect. They produce innovative technology to serve the land surveying, civil engineering, and construction industries and they stand behind their products like no other company we know. Contact us at 1-800-866-8576 for a custom tailored solution.


Carlson Surveyor 2

Carlson BRx5 GNSS Receiver

Carlson Civil

Carlson SurvCE

Carlson CR2/CR5

Precision Geosystems, Inc. President Will Haynes demonstrating a Leica robotic instrument in Big Sur, CA

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